Thursday, March 19, 2015

Three New Plans...

This week has been a little interesting. We had an attack on our investigators (well, they were potentials, but we have been trying to get a sit-down lesson with them). We have had to drop all but two of them.  But that's alright, because we are implementing three new plans that will get this branch growing.
  1. First plan, as usual, is tracting: Sounds very unproductive and unplanned, but we were just informed this Sunday that our investigators weren't the only ones who were attacked. Another church denomination in our area has split. We are going tracting to find those who will be humbled enough to listen. In addition, a second denomination in our area is also in turmoil. Hasn't split, but we should be able to find our way into some of the hearts of those people also.
  2. Second is referrals: We asked for referrals from everyone in the branch with the advice from our branch mission leader (and he is a spiritual powerhouse). We now have a ton of "potential referrals".
  3. Third is dinners: We have a new goal that is mission-wide. We need 60% of our dinners to be with less-actives or non-members (or both). Our branch mission leaders wants 100% of our dinners to be that way, so we are going to ask everyone of our dinner appointments to bring someone to dinner.
This week, my companion and I will have to rely on the Spirit a lot to know what to say to the people me meet.

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