Thursday, August 27, 2015

Meeting With Families!

We tried by a ton of less actives and such this week also. We have had huge success.

First, we met with a family for dinner.  The father of the family wanted us to talk to another family, whom we had ran into last Sunday and talked to them...wasn't a good time, they said. We thought they weren't interested....Well, we didn't think much of it. We would've contacted them...probably this week.

The day after, we called another member and asked him if he could help us find a dinner. He said he would help us.

Well, the very next day we receive a call from the mother of the family who told us that it wasn't a good time. Their water line broke at 11 the night before, and she wanted our help to fix it. We went and helped her fix it. It took 3 hours longer than we thought, but we ended up fixing it. Afterwards, we weren't able to share a lesson with them...we were a little bit pressed for time. Well, they offered to feed us dinner if we didn't have anything. We accepted and called the other member to tell him we had a dinner now.

We had dinner with them, and we were able to share an amazing lesson with them in their house. Their granddaughter is active, and she helped by bearing her testimony.  It was an amazing lesson. They're extremely nice.

Another day, we were heading over to the stake center because our mission president wanted us there for the EFY (Especially for Youth) Fireside. We went three hours early so that we could contact less actives/investigators/former investigators/etc.

We weren't able to contact all of them. The ones we did contact, however, were awesome. One individual we visited with lives in a trailer park. We talked with him for a while. He was very interested in getting back to church and he was very interested in getting a copy of the Book of Mormon. He hadn't been to church since grade school. We gave him a Book of Mormon and taught him a little bit to get him pumped to read it.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Interesting Visit...

We OTMed an old guy in his yard. He let us inside the gate, and we talked to him.  He prayed a prayer with us...a specific prayer that he said would "gain us salvation". We started talking to him. Turns out that he's a hardcore priestcraft guy. It was crazy. He said that God has been given him 11 churches to pastor. He says that he's one of the only priests in the world and that the line of authority goes from Jesus to priest to prophet. He thought that every time he entered into a church that Jesus would tell the pastor of that church to turn the church over to him. Well, he shared some "walking on water testimonies" (his words), of which, we know that not a single one of them was true, but one. 

On Sunday he came to our church!!! It was really weird. He prayed his "salvation prayer" with two teachers in our ward. They tried to hold a class, but this man shared these exact same "testimonies" to them. He then went on about the financial stuff of different churches. Well, the teachers tried everything they could to show him what awesomeness this church brings, but he wouldn't listen. He kept on thinking the bishop would turn the church over to him! Anyway, obviously, that didn't happen, but he now thinks he has 12 churches to pastor (which, we found out Sunday, he's been kicked out of at least 10 of them.).

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Every Member a Missionary!

We're trying our best to help the members in our ward do missionary work. We're giving out Book of Mormons to a lot of members and trying our best to follow up with them. It's been fun. We have our dinner calendar very full, which is good. It'll help with our invitations to the members. We're sharing Mormon Messages.

Our area is doing great. We're trying to get in contact with three of our investigators...and we're finding others. We handed out a Book of Mormon to a lady, we met a "born-again Christian", etc.  We have done a lot of service, too. It's been really awesome.

Monday, August 10, 2015

New Area = New Responsibility

It's been a little stressful to be senior companion, but I'm doing great. We're doing a lot of tracting, finding a good place to OTM, etc.
Our "new" ward covers half of the stake. We have a large area, and a small stake. 

My companion is awesome. I've been teaching him how to play chess in the nighttime. It's great.

Saturday, August 8, 2015


We got transfer calls on Saturday. Our area is being shotgunned....My companion is going to one city in Oklahoma, and I'm going to another city (also in Oklahoma)  I'm going to be shotgunning into the area with a "younger" elder.  I'm Greenie-busting :j.  So, we've been saying goodbye to everyone. We recently had our last Family Home Evening with the YSA Branch....
Anyway, so we have had a lot of success, actually. It's been surprising how much success we have had.
Well, among other news: my trainer is going to be zone leader in this zone after I leave it. It's awesome.
I don't know who my zone leaders are, but I think my new district leader might be a former companion of mine.
I'm very excited about going to my new area. I've heard that it is the best member missionary area. The members give the missionaries a ton of referrals. I'm so excited....and I'm going to be the "Senior Companion".

Thursday, August 6, 2015

My Last Week In This Area...

We went to a nearby city on Thursday....or Friday and we tracted a couple houses and we received a TON of potentials just by knocking on one street. 

We had a cool spiritual experience. We were on exchanges and we were knocking on a one answered. We were about to go back to the car, when I noticed that the end of the address of the house we just knocked on had a B next to it (meaning it was a duplex). I showed my companion this, and we decided to knock on one more door. Well, we didn't get the chance to knock on it, because when we turned the corner to reach the next door we found a woman sitting on the stairs. We talked with her and she was raised by "Mormons" for foster care. She knew exactly who we were. Her husband and her were actually looking for a church to go to. She loves our church and would be open to it if her husband was (he was asleep because he worked night shifts). She gave us a huge amount of referrals and good places to try if we were ever up here again. Well, we tried by the referrals and we had even more potentials from that. It was amazing. I loved it.