Saturday, August 8, 2015


We got transfer calls on Saturday. Our area is being shotgunned....My companion is going to one city in Oklahoma, and I'm going to another city (also in Oklahoma)  I'm going to be shotgunning into the area with a "younger" elder.  I'm Greenie-busting :j.  So, we've been saying goodbye to everyone. We recently had our last Family Home Evening with the YSA Branch....
Anyway, so we have had a lot of success, actually. It's been surprising how much success we have had.
Well, among other news: my trainer is going to be zone leader in this zone after I leave it. It's awesome.
I don't know who my zone leaders are, but I think my new district leader might be a former companion of mine.
I'm very excited about going to my new area. I've heard that it is the best member missionary area. The members give the missionaries a ton of referrals. I'm so excited....and I'm going to be the "Senior Companion".

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