Thursday, August 6, 2015

My Last Week In This Area...

We went to a nearby city on Thursday....or Friday and we tracted a couple houses and we received a TON of potentials just by knocking on one street. 

We had a cool spiritual experience. We were on exchanges and we were knocking on a one answered. We were about to go back to the car, when I noticed that the end of the address of the house we just knocked on had a B next to it (meaning it was a duplex). I showed my companion this, and we decided to knock on one more door. Well, we didn't get the chance to knock on it, because when we turned the corner to reach the next door we found a woman sitting on the stairs. We talked with her and she was raised by "Mormons" for foster care. She knew exactly who we were. Her husband and her were actually looking for a church to go to. She loves our church and would be open to it if her husband was (he was asleep because he worked night shifts). She gave us a huge amount of referrals and good places to try if we were ever up here again. Well, we tried by the referrals and we had even more potentials from that. It was amazing. I loved it.

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