Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Transfers, Tornado Alley, Mission Goals!

Guess what?!?!?! Both my companion and I are getting transferred.

My companion is going to be a zone leader in Oklahoma. (Of interest, he will "go down in history" as the last district leader of the zone.) The zone is tiny enough that they're only going to have a zone meeting every week instead of a "combined district meeting". Basically the same thing, but instead of my companion being in charge every week, it is going to be both the zone leaders.

I'm going to Missouri, and TORNADO ALLEY! I am so excited! It is very sad to leave my area...and Arkansas, too. I have loved my 7.5 months here. But I am super excited to serve in Missouri! I've heard that my new area has a huge Spanish population! That'll be fun! If you count my new ward boundaries, I will now have served in all four states in the mission! It's amazing!

I can't wait to go to my new area. I know my new companion, and I know we will do great there!

The mission goals are doing well, also. We've broken mission-wide records for the past few weeks in the OTM. It's awesome!

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