Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Miraculous Day!

We were trying to contact a referral this week, and instead we found a lady who is originally from out of the United States. We tried to set up a return appointment with her, but her husband said no. 

We proceeded around the block speaking to everyone we encountered.  We came across another lady, and it turns out that she was the referral that we needed to contact, and we had a wonderful lesson with her. We even have a return appointment for her. 

Afterwards, we went to get our bikes, and the first lady mentioned waved hi to us. As we were biking past her, she motioned for us to come over. We went over and it turns out, she wants to be a Latter-Day Saint! Her dad is a branch president in another country, and her siblings are going on missions! (Her husband isn't interested and is of a different faith.)

It was great! It was a miraculous day!

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