Monday, April 20, 2015

Tornado Warning...Not For Us!

We had a HUGE thunderstorm in our mission last week. It hit Poteau pretty hard, and we had a tornado watch in our city because this thunderstorm headed right for us. The members told us where the tornado shelter was, because our apartment isn't the best place to be in when a tornado comes. Interesting thing about this big thunderstorm was that it was on the anniversary of the tornado that went through a neighborhood in 2009. People were very scared that we would see another one. We were teaching a lesson on that day with a member with us, and we heard a bunch of thunder and a huge downpour occurred at the end of the lesson. After we said the prayer, we received a call from the member's wife, and she talked to her husband and said something about a tornado warning (Tornado has been spotted). We went back to the house and got drenched along the way. We went to the house, and we found out it wasn't for our area that had the warning, it was another place where the members' son was, and the tornado was almost on top of them. We said a prayer for their safety, and we heard later from these same people that the tornado barely missed the trailer home where their son was. It was awesome.

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