Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Car Problems = Bike Riding = New Investigators!

We went on exchanges.  My companion went with an elder from my hometown, and I went with his companion.We went to a repair shop to get something fixed on the car, which took a couple of hours. On the way, we had to drive over a water bridge (a river on a road) and something on his car didn't like the water bridge. The next day, we had to take our car to a car dealership a few hours away for the exhaust system. We stayed in another city for the night, and went back to check out the car. The exhaust system was next to ruined, and so we have no car for this week. 

As a result, we've been on our bikes. It's been very awesome. A little hard because we had a couple appointments that were a mile or two apart, one after the other.  We've been biking everywhere. Half of our town has no sidewalks, so we've been riding along the edge of the roads mostly. It is fun.
Riding bikes in our area is fun because it is flat enough that it doesn't take too much effort to bike uphill, but it is steep enough that we go fast on the downhills.  Riding our bikes makes us think of a couple things we can do to make this area better. Since we don't have many investigators, we've been mainly finding. We've been thinking that we could be finding in a couple of other towns, too. We can bike around our town because it is tiny enough to do so, and we can drive to the farther places lwith our car and bike those towns, too!

We have two new investigators just by biking all around town! It is awesome.

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