Friday, December 26, 2014

Miracle #1 - A Prayer!

We are teaching an individual. My companion and his former companion have been trying to get him to pray.  We had a lesson with the man, and we learned that he didn't want to pray in front of us because he stuttered a lot. I stutter a lot, too, when I say prayers in front of people, so we told him that. 

Skip forward to end of the lesson, he asked me to pray. My companion asked the man to pray. The man came up with a challenge: If I would pray without stuttering with no mistakes, then he would pray next time. My companion asked him if that was trusting "in the flesh, or in God". The man said "Both". 

Throughout their conversation, I was praying secretly that I would say a prayer like what he had challenged me if he was true to his word. When the man and my companion were done talking, I prayed. The prayer was amazing. It was very lengthy. It was very clear. There was no stuttering. There were no mistakes. Now, saying that, it was far from perfect, but the man thought it was perfect. Long story short: he promised that he would say the prayer next time.

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