Saturday, January 30, 2016

Transfers, Snow, and Car Problems!

Transfers came and went! Over half of my district changed. I have five members of my district left...along with some other people that I know. :j. I got a new companion. He's pretty cool.

I'm pretty excited for this transfer...the sister missionary from my grandparents hometown is going home, though...and another sister missionary is going home, too...They're some of the coolest sisters in the mission.

There is a senior couple in my district, that knows my aunt, grandma and grandpa. :D

We had our first snow for this year. It also went down to 12 degrees Fahrenheit here...and our car broke down in the middle of the we had to walk around everywhere. That was fun :j.
We had a wonderful time at a district outing. The members helped us a lot when our car broke down, also.

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