Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Transfer Time Transportation!

I had about an hour visit via telephone with my parents and younger brother on Sunday (Mother's Day).  I told them about how they transport the missionaries to all the different areas at transfer time.  My dad asked me to write it all down in my next letter.  It is as follows:

There are two vans. One is the north loop, the other drives the south loop.

These are the places they go.

N1/S5: Joplin, Missouri
N2/S4: Mt. Vernon, Missouri
N3/S3: Rogers, Arkansas
N4/S2: Van Buren, Arkansas
N5/S1 I don't remember.... Probably Oklahoma
N6/S6: Tulsa, Oklahoma

We mark our bags N or S-something, depending on which loop we're on and where we're headed. First transfer I marked my bags N2, then N4 second time, then S3 last week.

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